How to choose your travel buddy?

How to choose your travel buddy?

How to choose your travel buddy


When it comes to planning a trip, choosing the perfect destination and the right plan is vital but sometimes we overlook the most basic issues and under estimate how much they would affect our enjoyment. And what tops that list is your company; choosing the correct travel buddy or buddies is essential for a successful and enjoyable trip.


Therefore, we’re giving you a short list of what you must search for in those who tag alone your next trip.


1.    Flexibility, Flexibility and…yeah you got this right – Flexibility!


It is absolutely normal that people have different preferences when it comes to what they like to do, eat or where they want to go. And it is also usual that in a trip these preferences divert but what is important about that is how you deal with it.


Traveling with someone who is flexible is important because it alleviates a lot of pressure and tension throughout the trip. It also eases the plan-making process, it is very common that during a trip thing don’t go as planned, whether because of force measures, timings or even new suggestions coming up. This is probably when the problems rise, when your travel buddies are too rigid and uptight about their plans, they make it difficult to make changes. Hence, the friction starts and sometimes even if you’re in a big group, one inflexible member can cause a lot of drama. And I doubt you’re looking for drama to spice up your trip, are you?


2.    Avoid Major Differences.


Again, you and your friends are not identical and It is absolutely natural to want to experience different things. However, some major differences could cause major complications. Trust me on this one, if you are not into parties do not tag along a group of hardcore party people. If you’re into mainstream sightseeing do not plan a trip with exotic travelers.


Making some plans on your own during a trip is fun but feeling like you’re in complete disagreement with who you are on a trip with is just going to ruin it for you. You might as well just solo travel if this is how it ends up to be.


3.    If you’re not one – avoid the obsessive shoppers.


We all travel with a shopping list and some items on our wish lists, but believe me there are those people who are completely obsessed with going to every store and sometimes more than once! And – at least for me – this king of beats the purpose of travelling. Making time for shopping is fun, but wasting your trip in stores is a complete waste of money and energy in my opinion.


Travel is about exploring different cultures, histories, people, food and experiences and I do not think there is much to experience in the difference between an Egyptian and foreign department store. Nothing to see there.


If you’re not one of those, do not travel with one. And if you are, no offense! Point is, to avoid that long lost argument of explaining to your shopper friend how much of a waste it is to JUST focus on the shopping, make sure before you plan your trip that you and your travel buddy are on the same page in terms of what’s your priority and what are you planning this trip to experience.



Pick who you travel with carefully, I promise this makes or breaks your trip. Consider it to be a mini marriage!



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