How to REALLY experience a city: Make 3 stops.

How to REALLY experience a city: Make 3 stops.

How to REALLY experience a city: Make 3 stops.

You can travel the world, you can go on long flights and check out places off your list but not every time you visit a city you truly experience it. There is always a level of the involvement you lack if you just decide to see the layer and explore what is meant to be shown to tourists. But in order to truly see a city closer, there are a few spots you might need to stop by.

     1. A Park

Whether it is the main park or a small on in the city side a park is usually a good choice of place to see natives in their daily routines. Some going out for a jog, a group yoga exercise or even a stroll. It is a place where you could meet different age groups carrying out different activities that would definitely give you a feel of the culture and the day to day lives of the citizens in this destination.

     2. A Pub

NO, you do not have to be a drinker, but passing by a local pub during Happy hour and watching how locals take a break from their daily routines to enjoy a drink definitely gives you a true insight on what the citizens of the country do in their day to day lives.

     3. The Underground 

This is as true as it can get, this is literally the place where you get to see students, friends, colleagues, employees, and businessmen. You literally see the city in a 10-15-minute underground ride and the farther you go away from the city center the more you actually get to know more. In many countries, especially European public transportation is the means of commuting regardless of social class. Thus, you truly grasp what a place is all like when you watch its people commute during different times of the day.


There are so many places you could go to know more about a place and the longer you stay the more insightful your experience gets but if it is a short trip, I promise those 3 spots could definitely show you some beef.

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