A Lifetime Experience vs Your New Phone

A Lifetime Experience vs Your New Phone

In time when prices are inflating and gadgets are getting more and more sophisticated and expensive, one starts to think very well of how they spend their money. The budget that could take you on a very enjoyable trip with your friends or family is now the same as the one needed to buy a new phone and this is where the decision becomes a bit hard, a new phone or a lifetime trip?

It is a matter of priorities of course but there are a few ways how someone could look at it in order to set their priorities straight. Offerings in general are divided into products and services and these are the kinds of things we usually spend our money in purchasing, but then there is something different: experiences. 

The tricky thing about experiences is that they are intangible while products are, when you buy a new phone you use it and keep using it for years you hold it in your hands. But when you book a trip you feel like you spent so much money and after a few days it is over but deducted from your bank account. But here’s the truth, when you spend your money on experiences, what you get out of it is beyond tangibility. It is an effect that stays for longer than any other object.

It gives you memories, moments and emotions that you will constantly recall no matter how much times passes you will always be able to move back to that very moment when you saw a city for the first time, attended a concert abroad in which you sung your heart out or the time you saw a picture perfect scene you heart rate sky rocketed!

Today when you look back, you remember the days you witnessed an event for the first time or the first time you were ever on a plane but you never find the urge to remember the day you bought your first Iphone because you know you probably had it changed a while later.

The moments where you feel most alive and the memories you make that never leave your memory, to me this is the kind of things you should be spending money on. And I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy yourself a new phone or computer when you need to but I am saying that when there is a time that you need to choose one over the other think of the long run. And think of the type of decisions you would like to remember when you’re 60. Think of the euphoria you would like to have marked in your memory.  

All I am saying is, when you save some money do not just take a decision to buy a single item when you could spend it on enjoying moments that would last a lifetime.

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